Water Fae; a true gem emerging from deep within the Emerald City, brings groove-oriented anthem style songs with solid hooks that can be heard echoing for days on the radio station between the ears. Stylistically the five-piece, female-fronted band could be considered a rock-child, born of the union between musical parents: Tori Amos, and Tool.

Recently Water Fae has spent time recording a wildly impressive demo at Studio Litho with renowned Seattle producer, Matt Bayles. The demo is a strong, illustrative example of the bands’ diversity, fluidity, and ability to evoke a wide range of emotion among listeners. Water Fae is eager to get back to work with Bayles for additional tracks to complete their five-song EP and there is no doubt among the band that a full-length album is near to production! Water Fae has recently been showcased on Garage Monkey 104.9 FM, with the sound-defining song, “Falling Backwards.

Water Fae’s shows are often described as raw and transcendental experiences, where an atmospheric web of emotional creativity and freedom is abound for fans to delve into the present moment. The five-piece lineup consists of:

Lisa Taylor - Singer (formerly of Birch County)
John Hoag - Guitar (Satchel)
Theron Thompson - Guitar (Twice on Sunday)
Jordan Ashcraft - Bass (BCRC)
Cain Hollowbone - Drums

Be sure to check for upcoming Water Fae shows as they will be posted on the shows page!